A message from the President

Beaver Express Service is an American success story, started in 1943 with one truck serving several very small communities in the Oklahoma panhandle. With revenues topping $50 million in 2014, Beaver Express has placed itself as the dominate carrier in the markets that we serve. We take pride in providing excellent daily service to the small towns located in the rural areas of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Arkansas. Our network of service centers and terminals is like no other; providing local delivery and pick-up service that no one can compete with. That personal service provided by our employees and independent contractors has been part of our culture since the early 1960’s.

Our mission is to provide all of our customers – large and small – with quality, dependable service, and excellent customer service. We have invested in technology that allows us to service the needs of large customers, and at the same time taking care of the special needs on small accounts. Our people are focused on giving the personal service and freight handling that they would want. The Beaver Express culture strives to give everyone dependable service, no matter the volume. We continue to improve on our employee training to improve safety and our service.

We know that you have choices for who you use to transport your package express and LTL freight; I encourage you to give us a try, and see what a family-run, customer-focused company can do to serve you and your customers.


Mike Stone

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Yearly Service Pins

  • Misty Comstock 30yrs Tiffany Newell 15yrs Woodward
  • Stephen Ford, Amarillo - 5 years
  • Gerrie Deweese, WWCORP - 5 years
  • Jesse Stewart, OKC -20 years
  • Anthony Hopes, Dallas - 5 years
  • John Bybee, Dallas - 15 years
  • Dale Pringle, OKC - 30 years
  • WW Corporate Service Awards
  • Gilbert Sanchez, Midland - 15 years
  • Lindsay Shirley, WW Corp - 5 years
  • Ken Koss, Tulsa - 20 years
  • L Cabrera, Abilene - 15 years

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